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Invention Description

Invention Name:   Precise Picture Hanger
Inventor:   Charles Melanson
Year Invented:   2007

Precise Picture Hanger (PPH) is designed to hang picture frames up to 30 lbs. The PPH using a wall anchor or sharkie to insert into the wall or drywall. Next, the picture frame can be hung using the PPH and leveled easily by adjusting the PPH three inches (3″) in any direction.

Features & Benefits

Durable plastic construction.
Measures 3 inches in diameter.
Holds frames up to 35 lbs.
Easy installation.
Uses only one hole.
Adjusts any frame 3 inches in ANY direction.
Comes with one self-drilling wall anchor and one screw.
No more need for expensive laser leveling device.

The Challenges & Problems Solved

Do you get frustrated hanging picture frames on your wall? Are your picture frames uneven, crooked or not level? Well, the Precise Picture Hanger was invented and designed to help you hang that perfect picture.