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Invention Description

Invention Name:   Handitray
Inventor:   Ted Davis
Year Invented:   2007

Handitray serving trays hold everything securely all in one hand. You can even set down the HandiTray on a table or on your lap when sitting in a chair.

Serving tray technology has not changed much over the years. It may not be a silver platter tray used by nobles but it works really well. A paper plate is the next solution to eat while your standing is another scenario. Everyone has been there – trying to juggle a plate AND a drink or glass while meeting and greeting other people at a social event becomes a virtual juggling act as you try to hold everything with two hands. The HandiTray is the modern answer to an old problem – holding food and a beverge while standing.

Features & Benefits

New revolutionary food tray to hold everything in one hand.
Lightweight and Durable Plastic to hold food and beverage.
Holds Paper/Plastic Plate, Bowl, Cup or Can Drink.
Even holds a champagne or wine glass.
5 Colors – Red, White, Blue, Black and Green.
Holds Paper/Plastic Plate, Bowl, Cup or Can Drink.
One size fits all and the hand tray invention is ambidextrous.
Has an opening on top for utensils.
Hand i Tray is also dishwasher safe and stacks for easy storage.
Can easily sit on a table or lap with all items in place.
Is a Patented Single Hand Use Food Tray Product.
Imprinting Available or Add a Custom Company Logo.

Official Product Website: www.handitray.com

The Challenges & Problems Solved

Have you ever had to juggle a drink in one hand and food in the other at a party?

Well now the problem is solved. HandiTrays are a unique and innovative way to hold drinks and junk food all in one hand. Engineered and designed to hold a paper or Styrofoam plate, plastic cup and a bowl, HandiTray functions perfectly for a standing-room-only party or social event such as – pool party, bbq, sporting event, football party, tailgate party, barmitzva, business party, wedding, catering event, church cookout, birthday party, anniversary party, new years party, holiday party or any thing you can imagine.