The Challenges & Problems Solved

Why remove baseboard the old way with a hammer or crowbar? The old way of baseboard removal takes a long time and damages the wall. Removing baseboard the old way creates a big mess and hundreds of dollars in damage to a underlying drywall attached to the baseboard.

Ask any contractor or construction worker how hard it is to CAREFULLY remove baseboard without damaging the wall underneath. Their answer is – very difficult, time consuming, messy and expensive. Typical baseboard removal requires a worker to use a hammer or crow bar creating scuff marks and holes in the drywall beneath the baseboard. Using a hammer or crowbar to remove baseboard is a slow and dirty job. The solution to this problem is to use The Base Board Popper. It saves time and money for construction jobs or DIY home improvement remodeling projects. The average time for removing baseboard (using the The Baseboard Popper) for an average size bedroom is approximately 1 hour with 1 worker – compared to removing baseboard using a hammer/crowbar at 2-3 hours with 1 worker.

The Baseboard Popper simply saves time and money for construction, remodeling or renovating.

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Invention Description

Invention Name: The Baseboard Popper
Inventor: Charles Melanson
Year Invented: 2014

The amazing Baseboard Popper – removes a base board fast and easy with no mess. The wall base board needs no prepping just use the tool quickly and easily.

Features & Benefits

Remove Baseboard Fast and Easy.
One Step Process.
Safe and Effective.
Remove a typical 20 ft. baseboard in minutes.
No damage to a delicate wall.
Dimensions: (L x W) 27″ x 5″ / Weight 2 lbs.

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